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I hate the interlull! Fingers crossed there’s no injuries


When you’re on good form, there’s nothing worse than an international break. There’s three reasons why it’s annoying, firstly we don’t get to see our beloved Arsenal in action in the first place. Secondly, we’re actually having a decent season so far – if there’s one club where you get back less players from duty than you actually sent, it’s Arsenal. Thirdly, it’s the injuries.

I read this morning that Cashley Cole has pulled out of the England squad for the games against Ukraine and Poland and Kieran Gibbs has gone to replace him. Sincerely hope that Gibbs comes back in one piece, he has been a rock at the back so far this year and the last thing we need is a defensive crisis to go with our midfield and attacking ones.

In terms of the England game itself, I really have less and less interest in the performance of the team every game that goes by. In my opinion, qualification should have been wrapped up already. When you rely on two wins against the mighty Montenegro and Poland, you know you’ve not done the job well enough already. Still, it’s in England’s hands, which isn’t all a bad thing. Until of course they fuck it up on the day.

Some positives of course is that for the players are that already injured, there will be more time to rest and heal. A couple of players that we expect to return after the international break include Santi Cazorla. I’m already frothing at the mouth thinking about the combination of Santi and Ozil in the same team. That’s true championship winning class.

So, at the weekend the famous 12th win in a row didn’t happen which was a bit of a bummer. But I liked the look and fight of the Arsenal side at the weekend. We gave it all we had despite having a patched up squad. Again Aaron Ramsey on the wing just doesn’t work. He needs to be playing through the middle. Jack Wilshere, despite smokegate, seemed to put in a decent enough performance even though he lost the ball far too often. For me, our best player was Mertesacker. Cool, calm and composed in the centre of defence. When the crosses come in I love knowing that the BFG is there in the middle of the box. Granted, their goal did come from a setpiece in typical Arsenal defensive fashion, but on the whole the German can be happy with his display. Laurent Koscielny was strangely anonymous for most of the game. I think that Flamini didn’t do so well covering, this is partially because WBA seemed to be playing a very attacking formation, Berahino and Anelka proved to be a constant threat. We were lucky to come away with the point, Anelka really should have put away that shot after all.

Elsewhere, not much else to report on in the world of Arsenal. We’ve been linked with a move for Alexander Milosevic¬†who is seemingly being tracked by every single Premier League club going. I don’t know much about him but having some more defensive cover would be nice.

That’s all for now, have a decent day Gooners!

Walcott injury leaves squad looking threadbare, Wenger claims Bendtner “can be unstoppable”

Nicklas Bendtner

Morning everyone, I personally am very glad it’s hump day; it’s been a long week and a couple of days since we were in action, when times are going well it’s funny how you miss watching the Arsenal in action and want to see them play as much as possible to keep the momentum going.

I read this morning that Tottenham have won 8 games out of their last 9, that’s pretty remarkable considering they lost their best player in the summer. Considering the scum have added a host of new players to their squad and, as seen with Sunderland already this year, that strategy doesn’t work; it’s a pretty impressive start to the year for the spuds. They won 4-0 at Aston Villa last night with Jermain Defoe grabbing a couple. Seriously, I can’t believe he stuck around at White Hart Lane after the way they’ve treated him. Anyway, let’s hope our lads can match them with a win against West Brom in the Capital One Cup tonight.

Speaking of the game this evening, we’ll be playing Nicklas Bendtner for the first time since 2011 in an Arsenal team. I honestly had never expected that the burly Dane would ever play another game for the Gunners, but it seems Arsene Wenger still sees something in the self proclaimed world’s best player and he will have another chance in the team. After disappointing loan spells at Juventus and Sunderland it will be very interesting to see how he does back with us. I’m not going to give him a hard time, but he really should have quit the club a long time ago. We don’t know whether there are financial reasons on his side or the club’s for Bendtner still being a Gunner, but I am sure most of you will agree we just want to see 100% from a player who has lost his way drastically in the past two to three years.

Arsene Wenger, rather interestingly, said in an interview: “It’s just down to attitude and fighting [spirit]. When he has that, Nicklas can be an unstoppable striker. He gets his chance. Our job is about that. Take your chance.”

I personally can’t see Bendtner ever being the unstoppable striker anywhere other than the Danish league, but I hope the forward can prove us all wrong.

In other news, it appears that Theo Walcott will be undergoing surgery on his abdominal injury this week. The England international will be flying to Germany to have some “minor surgery” and will be out of action for up to a month. I can’t help but feel this is a classic example of our players being overworked or over trained. I can’t remember the last time we had a completely injury free list of players, and when you look at Robin van Persie’s injury record since he joined Man Utd, you can see it isn’t completely impossible that our training methods are what cause all the aggravation for our squad problems. With that in mind, it looks like Serge Gnabry will continue to operate as a replacement for Walcott for the time being and our Japanese hero Ryo Miyaichi might get some game time over the coming weeks. It’s disappointing that we didn’t see this coming and Wenger should’ve been giving the players a bit more rest, but hey, when you get to mid season let’s hope our injury problems will have diminished and we’ll have a stronger squad to choose from.

That’s all from me for now – by the way thank you for visiting my blog!