Why “Sensei Wenger”?

As most Arsenal fans will know, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger came from relative obscurity to many English football fans. Despite lifting the league title at AS Monaco and then going on to enjoy success in the Japanese football league with Grampus Eight, Arsene Wenger was never a name synonymous with success in European football. Despite that, a chance meeting between Arsenal’s former vice chairman David Dean and the Frenchman would then mean a long relationship between the Gunners and that would stretch will over 16 years.

In 2013 I decided to start my own Arsenal blog. Having experienced life in Japan and also having an interest in the Japanese football league, I wanted to incorporate Arsene Wenger’s experiences in the Far East into the name of this blog. Thus, the blog Sensei Wenger was born. Whilst Arsene has never always had my backing throughout his tenure as the Arsenal coach, he will always be an important person in the Gunners’ history. Thus the name Sensei Wenger has stuck.

Arsene Wenger in Japan

Arsene Wenger in Japan

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